ΔG® is the result of 15+ years of Oxford/NIH research, $60 million in funding and is protected by a global patent portfolio.

2017 - Nowember

HVMN exclusively launch HVMN Ketone for athletes in the USA.


Strategising and building momentum for both production scale-up and commercialisation.

Publication in Frontiers in Physiology of On the metabolism of exogenous ketones in humans. Stubbs B et al.

Publication in Obesity of A ketone ester drink lowers human ghrelin and appetite. Stubbs B et al.


Discussions with Silicon Valley start-up company, HVMN Inc., about commercialising ΔG® as a drink for elite athletes in the USA.

Publication in Cell Metabolism of Nutritional ketosis alters fuel preference and thereby endurance performance in athletes. Cox P et al.

2015 - 2016

Investigated the effect of ΔG® on production of hunger hormone, ghrelin.

Established that D- and L-beta-hydroxybutyrate are metabolised at different rates.

2013 - 2015

Worked on Centre for Defence Enterprise grant to determine whether ΔG® prevents glycogen loss during extreme exercise in athletes.

With support from the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851, worked on the metabolism of ΔG® as compared to ketone salts already available on the market.


Identified a potential manufacturer for the scale-up of production.


Working on Centre for Defence Enterprise grant to determine whether ΔG® prevents cognitive dysfunction during extreme exercise (mimicking battlefield conditions) in athletes.


Human physical performance studies in elite athletes yielded 1 world record, 6 personal bests and 10 season`s bests.

Confirmed ΔG® is not on WADA`s banned list of substances for athletes.


Licenced 13 patents from BTG International Ltd. Licenced 5 patents from Oxford University Innovation.
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